Native Art manufactures period tile-brick mixed tile mosaics, Iznik tiles in accordance with their originals, in restoration works carried out to protect our cultural heritage. For this purpose, intensive R&D studies are carried out with a team of experts with many studies, technical and academic knowledge about period tiles. Handmade tiles produced with intensive effort ensure that our cultural heritage is transferred to the next generations with the same majesty.

Amasya Gokmedrese

Iznik Tile Series

Tile art was founded in the 14th century and, in the 15th century he lived in the golden period by finding life in the master hands in Iznik. Tile art is not only technically and aesthetically perfect, but also unique in its deep meanings. The roses and gorges in the patterns symbolize the smell of the Prophet’s skin, love and beauty. The fact that the word tulip contains the same letters as the word Allah in Ottoman indicates the unity of Allah.

In Native Art, the original Iznik tiles are produced in accordance with the structure of technical structure and aesthetic pattern studies are carried out inspired by our culture.

Iznik Stone Tile (Elif – Turquoise)

Iznik Stone Tile (Elif – Blue-White Decor)

Iznik Stone Tile (Elif – Cobalt)