Cultural Heritage Series

The timeless heritage of modern times…

Cultural heritage, belonging to a community, are long-term shares in that society. It represents our history, our identity, our connection to the past, to the present and to the future. The Anatolian geography on which we live is very rich in terms of cultural heritage as it is one of the rare areas where humanity first appeared, the first civilizations began, science and cultures developed.

There are many works adorned with tiles and ceramics in this heritage. Starting from relatively recent history, these works are referred to as Ottoman – iznik period with technically and aesthetically perfect white tiles and unique decorations made with tiles and bricks in a great architecture of the Seljuk period.

Native Art products are both inspired by this unique cultural heritage and contribute to this cultural heritage.

*Color and décor works can be carried out in accordance with customer request.Since our products are handmade and boutique-style manufacturing, there may be color tone differences within and between product batches.

Product Catalog

Modules of the Series

Seljuk Mosaic

Size: 95×60 mm
Piece/m² : 280 pcs

Seljuk Star

Size: 110×110 mm
Piece/m² : 110 pcs
Size: 60×60 mm
Piece/m² : 110 pcs


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