Poseidon Series

From miracles of nature to inspiring textures…

The Poseidon Series emerged from the combination of the movement of water, the aesthetic structure of the fish scale, the inspiration from the sea and sea creatures with the character of the sea. With the calm and serene sea, two different aspects of stormy and dangerous oman are highlighted.

*Color and décor works can be carried out in accordance with customer request. Since our products are handmade and boutique-style manufacturing, there may be color tone differences within and between product batches.

Product Catalog

Modules of the Series


Size (Small): 120×120 mm
Piece/m² : 125 pcs
Size (Large): 190×210 mm
Piece/m² : 50 pcs


Size: 135×135 mm
Piece/m² : 95 pcs


Size: 130×130 mm
Piece/m² : 105 pcs


Size: 145×135 mm
Piece/m² : 81 pcs


Size: 130×130 mm
Piece/m² : 95 pcs


Pano Örnekleri

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