Polygon Series

For an artistic journey through time and space…

The Polygon series is formed by an innovative interpretation of the power reflected by classical geometric shapes.The square, with all its equal edges, evokes a sense of trust in the human being. The triangle is balanced when the base sits on it.

The pyramid addresses the hierarchy in society, with its large base and narrowing as it rises to the top. The smooth pentagon with a golden ratio creates a magnificent base, especially in decorations.

The rectangle evokes height, justice and power with the width/aspect ratio change. The circle, which is a celestial shape, allows soft and curved lines.

*Color and décor works can be carried out in accordance with customer request. Since our products are handmade and boutique-style manufacturing, there may be color tone differences within and between product batches.

Product Catalog

Modules of the Series


Size: 100×100 mm
Piece/m² : 100 pcs


Size: 100×100 mm
Piece/m² : 100 pcs


Size: 130×130 mm
Piece/m² : 60 pcs


Size: 90×90 mm
Piece/m² : 121 pcs


Size: 90×121 mm
Piece/m² : 121 pcs


Size: 100×100 mm
Piece/m² : 130 pcs


Size: 90×145 mm
Piece/m² : 155 pcs


Size: 40×120 mm
Piece/m² : 288 pcs


Size: 70×150 mm
Piece/m² : 96 pcs


Size: 80×170 mm
Piece/m² : 90 pcs


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