Hexagon Series

Bring the aesthetic of nature to your living spaces…

Inspired by honeycomb, which forms nature’s miraculous hexagon, the Hexagon series symbolizes abundance and fertility with its three-dimensional effect on your living space. The equilibrium triangles that form the hexagonal structure give a feeling of beauty and balance.

Different motifs can be created with hexagons that can be combined without gaps, and deep reliefs on the hexagon add movement to your spaces. The pit that settles in the hexagon creates a black hole effect (CAVUM) that swallows everything that passes near it.

*Color and décor works can be carried out in accordance with customer request.Since our products are handmade and boutique-style manufacturing, there may be color tone differences within and between product batches.

Product Catalog

Modules of the Series


Size: 50×50 mm
Piece/m² : 350 pcs


Size: 100×100 mm
Piece/m² : 110 pcs


Size: 100×100 mm
Piece/m² : 160 pcs


Size: 100×100 mm
Piece/m² : 94 pcs


Size: 130×130 mm
Piece/m² : 68 pcs


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