Modular 3D Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

As a result of R&D and design studies, our company produced environmentally friendly, natural, aesthetic and lightweight, completely handmade Native Art Modular Cladding Bricks by combining recycling of natural materials with an artistic approach.

Clay-based TERRACOTTA series is suitable for interior and exterior use. Its designs have modern and cultural influences. Native Art TERRACOTTA offers special designs for your projects by combining the texture of the soil and the colors of nature with art.

Ceramic STONEWARE series adds aesthetics to your wet spaces. Native Art STONEWARE is completely handmade and adds movement to life with its shiny glazed surface that is easy to clean and the application of special hand decoration.

Consisting of Cultural Heritage, Poseidon, Flora, Miraculum, Hexagon, Polygon, Natura Rustic, Pixel, Gratus and Via series, Native Art offers unique spaces with its design and wide range of colors in line with customer requests. It eliminates the repetition and ordinary appearance of spaces with accessories that can be used as wall lamps and flower pots.

Environmentalist Native Art products are produced with recycling and secondary raw materials at rates varying between 10% – 100% within the scope of Industrial Symbiosis. Thus, it contributes to the efficient use and sustainability of resources in our world where natural resources are rapidly depleted. For this purpose, ceramics and facing bricks containing secondary raw materials are produced by undertaking the reprocessing costs.

Operating in Eskişehir in 2020, İnci Mozaik A.Ş. We continue our way confidently with the porcelain mosaic, tile product group and high production capacity.