Flora Series

Feel the serenity of nature in your living spaces…

Designs inspired by vegetation in nature have given life to SEGA, sometimes as in FOGLIA, where leaves come from the harmony and holisticity of nature, transforming into an endless, complementary design, and sometimes INKA, which is reminiscent of feathers flying between trees and leaves.

A design inspired by nature and filled with the peace of mind of green is reflected in different colors. It is a comment that adds serenity to our chaotic age.

*Color and décor works can be carried out according to customer request.Since our products are handmade and boutique-style manufacturing, there may be color tone differences within and between product batches.

Product Catalog

Modules of the Series


Size: 75×190 mm
Piece/m² : 91 pcs


Size: 105×160 mm
Piece/m² : 108 pcs


Size: 85×240 mm
Piece/m² : 68 pcs


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